Networking is not collecting contacts. Networking is about planting relationship.

Had a great meeting with likeminded entrepreneurs and professionals from across various fields with a mix of young, experienced and talented members sharing their businesses, services and ideas on an unique and exclusive platform of WECONNECT Group.


A Vaccination Drive was organized by Infogain in Pune IT Park premises for their employees on 19th June 2021. Total 330 employees were vaccinated in this drive. Vansumians too were a part of this vaccination drive. Pune IT Park would like to appreciate and thank Infogain for this great initiative !!

SAVE MONTHLY AND INVEST WISELY – A Financial Inclusion project by Simran Chainani

Simran Chainani, a Std 11 IB student of Cathedral & John Connon School is working on a Financial Inclusion project to help the individuals across the economic strata of our society, in inculcating the habit of making small monthly savings, and then investing that savings in a simple, low risk and AtmaNirbhar manner. She is working on this project under the guidance of her father Suveer Chainani, who is an expert in financial markets and is a senior wealth advisor at a leading financial services firm.  

For the upper economic strata of our society, there are enough and more wealth advisors who help the ‘rich’ in growing their money, in return for a fee. But the middle and lower layers of our society are excluded in this process. Simran plans to fill this gap by Educating and Executing a financial plan for such people, of course, without any economic interest. After all, they too have an equal right to participate in the economic growth of our country, but there is no one to guide them.

In simple words, the financial plan is to set up a systematic investment plan in the low cost, never underperforming Index Fund from HDFC Mutual Fund called the HDFC Nifty Index Fund (Direct & Growth).

On 13th Feb, Simran did an event at Pune IT Park, where she addressed all the staff of the company (over 40 people), including the white collared middle management, the blue collared staff, as well as maids and drivers, in educating and executing a financial plan for them. She partnered with personnel from HDFC Mutual Fund in this exercise of educating and completing the process of form filling etc. So audio/visuals from the event are below. She has done similar events for the employees and support staff of the housing society where she lives, including maids and drivers.

Republic Day celebration by Vansumians

The tricolour of Unity:

All the Vansumians were dressed in Soul-nourishing hues of saffron, white, navy blue (representing the Chakra) and green.

Vansumians conveyed the message that “In our diversity, there’s beauty, strength and pride”.

Christmas Celebration by the Very Merry Team of Pune IT Park

The Vansumians celebrated this Christmas by decorating the office and the Christmas tree at the entrance of the office. This year due to the pandemic and adhering to the social distancing norms the Santa kept the cake and gifts for the employees at their work desk. All the Vansumians were dressed in red to celebrate the occasion.

Table Tennis Tournament organized by Pune IT Park

Pune IT Park had organized an Inter-companies table tennis tournament. Around 15 companies participated in this tournament. We had Men’s Singles and Doubles and Women’s single matches. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship spirit of each and every participant was worth seeing.